domus web – Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio e Piazza della Vittoria

The online magazine Domus web, a digital rib of the architecture and design periodical founded by Giò Ponti in 1928, features the urban redevelopment project of Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio 1960 and Piazza della Vittoria, carried out by Cairepro in Reggio Emilia. The article, edited by Chiara Testoni, describes 14 major projects of pedestrianised […]

The church building: elements and functions

The design of a liturgical building requires not only technical skills but a broad vision that includes knowledge of the chrisms dictated by the Liturgical Reform on the adaptation of ecclesiastical buildings envisaged by the Second Vatican Council. The magazine Psallite Musica & Liturgia, collects reflections and insights addressed to the musical animators of the […]

Cairepro participates in SENCON EXPO

SENCON EXPO is the international construction exhibition, the most important exhibition in West Africa for all those working in the construction sector. We decided to participate with an evocative and technological stand, Cairopro was inside the pavilion dedicated to Italian companies, for us it was an opportunity to grow up and meet professionals, entrepreneurs and […]


Seismic prevention
Our mission is to design safe structures that comply with all the technical regulations and, even more importantly, to protect the people who use them …

Project validation
CAIREPRO S.C. is a company certified for EA 34 activities under the ICIM UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system, which provides for the use of Quality …

Environmental sustainability
CAIREPRO meets the challenges of energy saving through its determination to remain independent and free in its choice of partners …

Works management
When managing a construction site, we share our clients’ priority in keeping a close eye on the costs and completion times for the work …

When we envision a project or an idea, it grows and is modelled from the outset with specialist contribution from architects …

Life time building
The real life cycle of a building starts with construction, but varies dramatically depending on how it is managed and maintained …

For 75 years we have been designing the future by building in the present




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