We manage safety at every stage, from planning to working at the office. Our team includes architects, engineers and surveyors who are experts on site safety and who deal daily with design and supervision to safeguard the success of the works designed internally by Cairepro or working alongside partner companies who rely on our professionals.

Our collaborative model remains our distinguishing feature, thanks to constant coordination of skills, a broad multidisciplinary approach, scrupulous attention and readiness to adopt new technologies, and a focussed, concrete yet imaginative vision of the future. This modus operandi allows us to work competently and to the satisfaction of a wide range of public and private clients, across virtually all areas of integrated design (architecture, engineering, systems).

Constant updating of our designers and dedication to respecting the rules are key aspects for Cairepro in facing the daily challenges that arise. The fact that the tenders department is highly aware of regulations has in recent years enabled us to win public tenders to design numerous buildings throughout Italy.

A model built on transparency, based on the cooperative form as an expression of mutual trust and constant and open collaboration between team members working together with external professionals.

A high level of professionalism that guarantees an ongoing clean and clear-cut relationship with public and private clients.

We follow a guiding principle that aims to ensure an optimal result for our clients. The product designed by Cairepro must respect three fundamental points: environmental sustainability, durability over time and responsible use of resources by constantly monitoring the costs for construction and maintenance of the buildings created.

For 70 years, we have guaranteed a constant commitment to solving problems and finding solutions to optimize resources with complete respect for the environment. Our technicians are specifically trained to implement strategies to avoid wastage and increase the efficiency of the works and plants that we design.

Whenever we get around a table to develop a new project, we work with passion to find innovative solutions for greater environmental sustainability and optimization of construction and maintenance costs, to offer our clients high quality work.

We pay scrupulous attention and are ready to adopt new technologies. Some time ago, we adopted the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology that allows us to speed up the design process and increase control over coordination between the various disciplines (architectural, structural and plant engineering), minimizing the risk of interference to encourage the success of the final product.

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