Our primary objective from the start of our seventy-year history has been to respect and involve our public and private clients at every stage of a project and to act in constant harmony with their needs while remaining faithful to our ethical approach to the project.

The architectures we design aim to add value to our clients’ activities, solving the complexities that arise during the design process.

As a guarantee to the client, we have the courage to remain independent and free in our choice of partners and suppliers..

The client wins,, because in our proposals he can get the best value customized solution.

In our seventy years of history, we have worked for public and private clients, including: Max Mara Fashion Group, Gruppo Barilla Spa, Iren Spa, Manutencoop Facility Management Spa, Manifatture Del Nord, Sensient Technologies Corporation, Società Cattolica di Costruzioni, Bertolini Pumps and many more.

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