Client: Municipality of Albisola Superiore
Location: Savona
Completion: 2007 - 2010
Value: EUR 1,654,306.00


The environmental redevelopment planned for the seafront promenade of Albisola Superiore was aimed at reclaiming the disused site of the coastal railway, in the eastward stretch from Albisola to Celle Ligure.

The intended used is an elevated seafront promenade.

The objectives pursued by the project were therefore to create continuity with the environmental system, through a territorial-scale vision, working with environmentally friendly materials and technologies and finally to optimize the resources available, promoting a project that could be implemented immediately while leaving the possibility for future developments.

The project resulted in the creation of a pedestrian path obtained by widening the practicable section on the sea side and in the reuse of the existing tunnel by exploiting the “passageway”.

In this way it was possible to maintain the naturalistic character of the surroundings, safeguarding the Mediterranean vegetation; the materials (architectural concrete, stabilized soils and wood) and technologies (low-tech and low-design) were fully compatible with the environment.

Another aspect to which particular attention was paid was the lighting design study, which allowed optimization of the night-time view of the landscape. The project was carried out in collaboration with architect Voarino

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