Client: Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Location: Reggio Emilia
Completion: 2006-2009
Value: € 2.216.615,38


The Municipality of Reggio Emilia launched an international competition to extensively redevelop an area in the city’s historic centre. One of the aims that the administration wished to pursue was to transform the space formerly criss-crossed by cars and buses into a slow-paced area reserved for walking, parking and socializing. The project was also awarded the prize for Innovation and Urban Quality in the “Design for All” category.

Cairepro won the competition by redefining the urban space, emphasizing the main urgent architectural issues in the squares through the use of lighting, which makes the Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre the night-time centrepiece of the square.

A large fountain with 73 jets replaces the old fountain, again with the aim of enhancing the theatre. The project seeks to define the two squares in order to highlight their uniqueness. It designates the first (and smaller) one the role of the more intimate square, ideal for a break after a walk through the streets of the city, and assigns the second one the role of a large presentation space, fascinating and evocative because of the metaphysical character that it exudes.

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