Client: Reggio Emilia AUSL (Local Health Authority)
Location: Scandiano (Re)
Completion: 2008-2011
Value: EUR 1,340,313.40


The general principle underlying the project is the conservation of Villa Valentini and the adjacent former stable building, including the seismic improvement of the entire structure, and at the same time the theme of recovering the historical identity of the building.

The building to be worked on was used as a stable/barn while the villa remained the owner’s residence; when the villa became the site of community activities, it was used as a residential annex.

The project developed for the recovery of the building proposes using it as an adjacent structure to the residential and semi-residential psychiatric structure for which the villa is to be used.

From an architectural and type-morphological point of view, the general layout of the complex has been preserved. It consists primarily of the building, characterised by the presence of load-bearing perimeter walls and spine wall, and of the connecting building between the stables and the villa.

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