Life time building


The real life cycle of a building starts with construction, but varies dramatically depending on how it is managed and maintained.

In many cases, the companies undertaking the works or the clients who commission it outsource maintenance operations to internal technicians or external companies who will ensure routine maintenance, without planning works for structural improvement or energy efficiency.

Through this practice, the ownership often loses sight of a building’s “state of health”, finding itself in difficulty when faced with a malfunction or structural damage.

One of the most critical issues encountered is the fact that, right from the design phase, there has been no maintenance plan for capable of identifying the costs and time required for operations in a virtuous manner.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of qualified technicians, Cairepro is able to study and implement the maintenance and efficiency improvement of a building over time, ensuring that all the necessary interventions are carried out.

Since our firm is independent of technical partners or energy suppliers, it can guarantee the owner a precise quantification of the maintenance costs for the building and help him to make the best economic and technological choices.


    • Routine maintenance plan for the building
    • Monitoring of maintenance/energy costs
    • Monitoring and maintenance of safety systems
    • Structural and seismic assessment over time
    • Planning energy and plant upgrades


    • Guarantee of reliability and proper operation of systems
    • Protection of property value through constant monitoring of the state of the structure
    • Savings on maintenance and energy costs
    • Independence from technical partners or energy suppliers
    • We guarantee the owners full control over the structure and works carried out should the maintenance provider change

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