Rischio sismico


Our mission is to design safe structures that comply with all the technical regulations and, even more importantly, to protect the people who use them or live in them.

Before 2008, all our buildings were judged to comply with regulations. With the introduction of compulsory seismic classification, maintaining compliance requires some adaptations.

The Sisma (earthquake) Bonus, introduced by the Stability Law in January 2018, is an economic opportunity offered by the Italian State to protect our existing buildings against future earthquakes.

The Finance Act provides tax relief to citizens and businesses who carry out work on properties located in zones classified as risk 1, 2 and 3 by improving their resistance.

Deductions of up to 80% of the cost of the work can be obtained, and by intervening on energy efficiency, it is also possible to benefit from the eco-bonus.

Our team of architects and structural engineers are able to develop customized solutions that allow the safety index of the structure to be improved, to achieve (theoretically) compliance or energy self-sufficiency.


    • Seismic risk assessment
    • Planning seismic adaptation works
    • Works management and safety management at each stage of the project
    • Procedures, compliance and conformity with seismic regulations
    • Scheduled maintenance and subsequent work interventions


    • Tax deduction (SISMA BONUS + Eco Bonus) on work carried out for compliance
    • Certified specialist seismic surveys
    • Internal team of Architects and Structural Engineers
    • As designers, we use customized structural analysis software
    • Internal seismology specialists

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