The largest composting plant in central Italy has been completed

November 09 2019 0Comment

The extension of the Monterotondo Marittimo plant has just been completed, for a total surface area of ??7500 square meters. To pursue the strategy linked to the circular economy, the plant has a new composting and anaerobic digestion section that will allow the recovery of electrical and thermal energy. The final configuration of the plant will allow the recovery of up to 70,000 tons / year of organic waste fraction, green fraction and sludge.

Cairepro took care of the structural design and construction supervision in collaboration with Pavoni Spa and the Atzwanger company that took care of all aspects of environmental technology. The extension of the composting site of Acea Spa, a multi-utility that distributes energy and manages waste in different regions of central Italy.

The plant, equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the market, will provide significant environmental benefits, including the reduced transfer of organic waste to landfills which are transformed into fertilizers useful for agriculture (compost) and the production of electricity from renewable sources , through the energy enhancement of the biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion process of the waste.