Ospedale in Madagascar

In autumn 2019 CAIREPRO joined the international cooperation project promoted by the DIOCESI OF REGGIO EMILIA AND GUASTALLA “ERO MALATO – HOSPITAL OF AMPASIMANJEVA IN MADAGASCAR”. The project, which concerns a reality that has been followed by the Diocese for over 50 years in one of the most peripheral and poorest areas of Madagascar, is […]

Rigenera la città

Ci troviamo all’interno del Parco Innovazione, un’area di circa 100.000 mq, in passato occupata dalle Officine Meccaniche Italiane, impianto industriale nato nel 1904, protagonista della storia industriale e sociale del ‘900 della città di Reggio Emilia; nel 2008 la fabbrica è stata dismessa e trasferita altrove. Il Comune di Reggio Emilia ha iniziato un’azione di […]

Building together

ECOMONDO is the international reference event in Europe and the Mediterranean basin for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors. The meeting and dialogue point for industries, stakeholders, policy makers, opinion leaders and local authorities, where the key elements defining the development strategies of the European Union’s environmental policy are […]

Privilège de Dakar

  Presented in Dakar, the PRIAMS ‘Privilège’ project, a new high-rise residential building, conceived on the image of elegant and distinctive contemporary architecture. Inside, the flats of varying sizes offer comfort, spatial and material quality, and great attention to detail: a unique and unrepeatable lifestyle idea for clients who love light and views of the […]

Networked words

We are proud to introduce you to Luca Zanni, a professional from Reggio Emilia in the MEP installations sector, who has been active in design as a freelancer for fifteen years and is now our strong point in the development of the Cairepro MEP engineering sector. Luca, what do you think about your new working […]

The school in the Park

Presented by the City of Reggio Emilia the project of the new Terrachini nursery-school centre that will be realized within Parco Ottavi. The project won the design competition as part of a market survey launched by the Municipality, the total funding is € 3 million from PNRR funds. The project was illustrated during a press […]

Beyond borders

Following our participation at the Bilateral Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine on 26 April, at the presence of representatives of the business world, the main international financial institutions and trade associations, Cairepro has decided to join the Italy-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce accepting the invitation of the President Dr. Riccardo Ferretti. Nello Tafuro President of […]

The Roman Twins

On the occasion of the International Open House Festival Rome 2023, it will be possible to visit the Legacoop national headquarters in Via Guattani 9 in Rome, designed by Cairepro and built in 1954. On Saturday 20 May, Eng. Paolo Genta, a Cairepro member, will take groups on a tour of the historic building historically […]

Il Sole 24 Ore – The successful enterprises and entrepreneurs of the Reggio Emilia area

À la suite de la visite du président italien Mattarella dans le district d’entreprises mécatroniques de Reggio Emilia, Il Sole 24 Ore a publié un numéro spécial consacré aux entreprises et aux entrepreneurs prospères de la région de Reggio Emilia. Il Sole 24 Ore has selected Cairepro as a successful architecture and engineering company in […]

Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio and Piazza della Vittoria published on domus web

The online magazine Domus web, a digital rib of the architecture and design periodical founded by Giò Ponti in 1928, features the urban redevelopment project of Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio 1960 and Piazza della Vittoria, carried out by Cairepro in Reggio Emilia. The article, edited by Chiara Testoni, describes 14 major projects of pedestrianised […]

The church building: elements and functions

The design of a liturgical building requires not only technical skills but a broad vision that includes knowledge of the chrisms dictated by the Liturgical Reform on the adaptation of ecclesiastical buildings envisaged by the Second Vatican Council. The magazine Psallite Musica & Liturgia, collects reflections and insights addressed to the musical animators of the […]

Cairepro participates in the International Construction Exhibition in Dakar

SENCON EXPO is the international construction exhibition, the most important exhibition in West Africa for all those working in the construction sector. We decided to participate with an evocative and technological stand, Cairopro was inside the pavilion dedicated to Italian companies, for us it was an opportunity to grow up and meet professionals, entrepreneurs and […]

CAIREPRO 75 – 1947 > 2022 la storia continua

Sono passati 75 anni da quando quel gruppo di studenti si ritrovava in un bar a progettare il futuro, a metà strada tra il Politecnico di Milano e la Casa dello Studente. La più antica Società Cooperativa di intellettuali d’Europa festeggia l’importante traguardo di longevità. Il gruppo formato da Antonio Pastorini, Osvaldo Piacentini, Aldo Ligabue, […]

Agri-FOOD PROCESSING PLATFORMS: the first step in Gambia

The trip to Gambia, carried out between the 4th and the 12th December 2020, was organised by Enabel (Belgian Cooperation in West Africa) to start contacts with the Gambian Ministry responsible for promoting and supporting the AGRI-FOOD PROCESSING PLATFORM project: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Finance. The international delegation directed by Cairepro (project leader) and the technical team […]

Cairepro in #smartworking in the days of # Covid-19

Protecting yours and our safety and mutual well-being are our top priority. Respect for the commitments made towards our customers remains our main objective. With the Covid19 emergency, CAIREPRO has already adopted precautionary measures and good practices aimed at limiting contacts and facilitating working conditions in smart working. Others will be from the next few […]

Signature of the redevelopment project of the pavilions of the UCAD Social Campus of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar in Senegal.

This morning, the disciplinary of assignment for the restructuring and modernization project of the 13 pavilions present in the Campus was signed with Amsa Realty. The general criteria followed by the designers aim to improve the users’ living conditions within the university residences, guaranteeing greater safety and perfect hygienic-sanitary conditions. The work conducted by CAIREPRO […]

Cairepro signs the “Immeuble Baracois” residential tower in the financial center of Dakar (Senegal)

Cairepro has signed the project for the prestigious residential tower “Immeuble Baracois” which will be built in the “Plateau of Dakar” business district. The building is made up of 18 residential luxury floors for a total of 26 large apartments of which 2 are duplexes and one is an attic, for a total of 18,800 […]

The largest composting plant in central Italy has been completed

The extension of the Monterotondo Marittimo plant has just been completed, for a total surface area of ??7500 square meters. To pursue the strategy linked to the circular economy, the plant has a new composting and anaerobic digestion section that will allow the recovery of electrical and thermal energy. The final configuration of the plant […]

Care spaces, interview with the architect. Antonio Armaroli

Antonio Armaroli, project manager of the San Martino hospice in the Northern Area of Modena, describes how the internal spaces of the hospital structure will be developed and in particular the bedrooms designed as a real domestic environment characterized by large windows overlooking the central garden . For more info click on the link to […]

Opening of new Unity Business Center

  We add value in the Retail sector, working across the board, moving the discipline into a broader context: the dialogue between different skills, led the design process and accompanied the choices in a different way. The sum of the professionals who interact with each other stimulate a continuous updating, widening the discussion to civil, […]

The health of Reggio Emilia, a national excellence

We are very proud to have contributed in recent decades to a qualitative growth of the local health service in the Province of Reggio Emilia. Last week the TV program “Presa Diretta” conducted by the journalist Riccardo Iacona dedicated a service to the quality of local health in the Province of Reggio Emilia, showing some […]

Energy requalification of buildings in Reggio Emilia and province: agreement between Iren Rinnovabili and the network of Re-build companies

Promoting and launching an energy upgrade programme for condominium buildings is the core of the agreement signed today at the Tecnopolo on Friday 18 January by Ettore Rocchi, Chairman of Iren Rinnovabili, Paolo Bonaretti, CEO of Iren Rinnovabili, and Roberto Meglioli, Chairman of Re-build, a network of Reggio Emilia companies, in the presence of Alex […]

The church of San Giorgio Martire in Luzzara – History, art and restoration.

On the initiative of Piergiorgio Torreggiani, Parish Priest of Luzzara, a publication was produced that describes and recounts the path that led to the works for the recovery, restoration, and conservation, with anti-seismic improvements, of the Church of San Giorgio, which had been seriously damaged by the earthquake of May 29, 2012 that struck the […]

The new headquarters of the regional health services of Castelnovo ne’ Monti.

The new four-storey health facility covers over one thousand square meters where public health and mental health services will be located. Cairepro was responsible for drafting the final design. The architecture will replace the old building that was old and has been demolished to make way for the new building for the Reggio USL (local […]


Thanks to the Regional Operational Programme and the European Regional Development Fund, Cairepro obtained major funding to upgrade all its computer workstations, improving the quality of work and guaranteeing an advantage for the designers who work at Cairepro every day. The funding has also made it possible to significantly increase the performance of the PCs […]

Cairepro enters the Top 50 of the best architectural firms in Italy

Cairepro climbs the ranking of architectural firms in Italy. The ranking is drawn up by Guamari and published by Sole 24Ore, and is based on the financial statements of 2017. Cairepro increased its position from 56th last year to 50th this year, earning its place in the top 50. The Chairman, Architect Nello Tafuro comments […]

Visit to the construction site of the Open Urban Laboratory at the Cloisters of San Pietro, Reggio Emilia

On the occasion of the After Festival – Digital Futures, Architect Nello Tafuro, the Chairman of Cairepro, will accompany Palma Costi, Councillor for Productive Activities of the Emilia Romagna Region, to visit construction site of the Open Urban Laboratory at the Cloisters of San Pietro together with local stakeholders.    

ROUND TABLE: Software and profession. Technicians and Software Houses face to face.

Engineer Carlo Rossi, Cairepro partner, will speak at the Round Table today 19 October at 10:00: Software and profession. Technicians and Software Houses face to face. For the first time, professionals face to face with software houses for a constructive discussion, looking for ideas and solutions to grow together, organized by AIST (Italian Technical Software […]

CONFERENCE: Structural calculation in the light of regulatory developments. Engineer Carlo Rossi

Engineer Carlo Rossi, a Cairepro partner, will be among the speakers at the Structural Seminar at 10:00 tomorrow, 18 October: Structural calculation in the light of regulatory developments, organized by AIST (the Italian Technical Software Association). Carlo Rossi will talk about the relationship between standards and software, describing the current professional situation by exploring these […]

Inauguration of the R.Rossi Care Residence and Day Centre in Novi (Mo)

Cairepro gives a place of social interaction and care for the weakest people back to the Novi community. The Care Residence and Day Centre was rebuilt after it was seriously damaged by the earthquake on 29 May 2012. Some highlights of the opening ceremony. In particular, we suggest the speeches by Dr. Alessandra Cavazzoni, Chairwoman […]

“Bestial” architecture

Lodi Veterinary Hospital for Small Animals Cairepro, in collaboration with the University of Milan, designed the new Small Animals Veterinary Hospital, adding an important element to the Lodi Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Centre, one of the most advanced at national and European level. Cairepro left a stamp of strong and timeless identity on the project for […]

Cairepro enters the Top 50 of the best architectural firms in Italy

Cairepro climbs the ranking of architectural firms in Italy. The ranking is drawn up by Guamari and published by Sole 24Ore, and is based on the financial statements of 2017. Cairepro increased its position from 56th last year to 50th this year, earning its place in the top 50. The Chairman, Architect Nello Tafuro comments […]