Client: Liu.Jo Italia S.p.A.
Location: Carpi (Mo)
Surface area: 8.500 sqm
Completion: 2007-2008
Value: EUR 11.500.000


Cairepro participated in the competition by invitation for the new headquarters and production site of the fashion brand Liu.Jo. The plot overlooks the A21 Modena Brennero motorway.

The building was designed with particular care and attention. The interior was designed using a grid that provides “relational spaces” where the hall, waiting areas and the showroom are located.

A second strip called the “creative heart”, with a spacious winter garden at the centre of the building, distributes natural light throughout the building. The central nucleus is surrounded by some open space work zones, closed offices and large flexible spaces.

The last part of the building is the “storage” area, where the key elements of Liu.Jo are located, the samples of yarns and fabrics and the exhibition room for historical garments that are part of the heritage of the fashion house.

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