Client: ASP Terre d’Argine
Location: Novi, Modena
Surface area: 1314 sqm
Completion: 2018
Value: EUR 2,630,000


The R. Rossi building, seriously damaged by the 2012 earthquake, was rebuilt on two levels, divided into two different parts and functions that intertwine and blend with each other: the Day Centre and the Care Residence.
The spaces on the ground floor are intended for the Day Centre, which can accommodate up to 15 users. The central nucleus consists of the living room and dining room, next to which is located the conservatory where group activities can be carried out. The conservatory guarantees an effect of continuity between the inside and the outside of the structure across all seasons because of the windows chosen, which can open fully in the summer and form a transparent wall in the winter.

The key strength of this part of the building is its flexibility. In fact the living room, dining room and conservatory are separated by furniture, which can be moved, should the need arise, to create a single large open space.
Four apartments on the ground floor and ten private residences that occupy the entire first floor make up the Care Residence as residential units for self-sufficient occupants.
The residential “blocks” that are separated from each other (also through “open-covered” distributive spaces) help to provide greater autonomy and independence of access to the lodgings, so as to make them more usable, increase their commercial attractiveness and above all the residential quality conditions (and consequently, the quality of life).

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