Client: Unieco S.c.
Location: Reggio Emilia
Surface area: 10,000 sqm
Completion: 2008-2012
Value: EUR 13,000,000


Part of an urban regeneration development, the building leads onto the main access to the city from the north. Its eccentric forms guarantee it an outstanding scenic and aesthetic impact, merging into the new skyline of the north of Reggio Emilia, which is being redefined.

The project consists of a single building for commercial use (offices, shops and public services), characterized by a strong architectural impact consisting of parallel lines, clad in Corten steel, which embrace the main body.

The external image on the east and west looks like a chessboard of empty and full spaces, where the fixtures appear randomly positioned, alternating with solid sections clad in exposed bricks.

The outdoor spaces, laid out on the ground floor and on the terraces above, are part of the architectural language that the designers wanted to use to define the spaces and forms of the construction.

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