Client: Diocese of Reggio Emilia and Guastalla
Location: Luzzara (Re)
Completion: 2014


This project for the recovery, restoration and conservative restoration of Luzzara parish church, with seismic improvement, was completed six years after the earthquake that struck Emilia and severely damaged the church.

Il progetto di recupero, restauroe risanamento conservativocon miglioramento sismicodella chiesa parrocchiale di Luzzaraè stato completato a distanza di sei anni dal sisma che ha colpito l’Emilia e danneggiato fortemente la chiesa.

The restoration to enhance the historical architecture of Luzzara was carried out with the intention to avoid altering the authenticity of the building. This was possible through a thorough investigation of the structures and the history of the construction techniques used when the church was being built.

Following the restoration of the building, Cairepro supervised three fundamental aspects: the lighting design, restoration of paintings and the liturgical adaptation.

The project was undertaken by Cairepro engineers working together with the engineers of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia and Guastalla.

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